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D2R Best 2.6 Martial Arts Mosaic Build - Diablo 2 Resurrected L

  • New patch 2.6 runeword Mosaic is hyped at the moment in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Today, we're providing you with the very best D2R 2.6 Assassin build and showing you just what the Mosaic runeword is capable of doing to Ubers. With this D2R ladder season 3 Martial Arts Mosaic build, you will observe how easy to melt down bosses like Duriel, Mephisto, Lilith, Diablo, and Baal, in addition to DClone

    D2R Best 2.6 Uber Assassin Build - Best Martial Arts Mosaic Build In Diablo 2 Resurrected

    Mosaic can be a D2R runeword that's in line with the Claw which is meant for Martial Arts Assassins. A lot of changes were designed to the Martial Arts Assassin class making it better, and Mosaic will be a big part of that. Now, Martial Arts Mosaic Assassin could be the new King of Ubers in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder 3 Start. This is not a low-cost build. If you are considering making the most effective D2R Assassin build for killing Ubers, stay tuned in to our Martial Arts Assassin build guide for Ladder 3.

    D2R 2.6 Mosaic Assassin build Gear

    Weapon - Mosaic

    We hold the Dual Mosaic claws, these have since been buffed since we revealed them. Now they have 50 chances for finishing moves, not to consume charges, which also resets the expense. So you'll notice through the fight, we were without to reset our charges even once.

    Head - Flickering Flame

    We're running Flickering Flame because we'll focus on fire damage that also helps out our res since we're using fire under.

    Amulet - Mara’s Kaleidoscope

    Mara’s Kaleidoscope for all those res and skills.

    Armor - Enigma

    Enigma for skills and teleport.

    Gloves - Dracul’s Grasp

    Dracul’s for life tap, to make sure that we can get some good sustain.

    Ring 1 - Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band

    BK ring for further skills, more life, more leech.

    Belt - Arachnid Mesh

    Arachnid Mesh for further damage with plus-one skills.

    Ring 2 - Raven Frost

    Raven Frost can not be Frozen.

    Boots - Gore Rider

    Gore Rider is chosen for additional damage.


    Martial Arts skillers, res small charms, a Torch, in addition to an Annihilus

    D2R 2.6 Assassin Mosaic Build Mercenary

    For the mercenary from the Diablo 2 Ladder Season 3 Assassin build, Infinity, Fortitude, and Andariel’s Visage. This is a type of how far we could push the build. So we'll have pretty high-end gear.

    D2R Ladder 3 Start Assassin Build Stats

    Strength - 156

    Dexterity - 85

    Vitality - 568

    Energy - 70

    We had enough strength for that gear, the remaining vitality.

    D2R Patch 2.6 Martial Art Mosaic Build Skills

    Martial Arts (20 Fist of Fire, 20 Claws of Thunder, 20 Tiger Strike, 20 Phoenix Strike, 20 Blades of Ice, 1 Cobra Strike, 1 Dragon Talon)

    Shadow Discipline (1 Claw Mastery, 1 Weapon Block, 1 Burst of Speed)

    For our skill points, we put a maximum amount into Tiger Strike, Phoenix Strike, Blades of Ice, Claws of Thunder, and Fist of Fire. With a point into Burst of Speed and Weapon Block plus a point to Dragon Talon, this is one way we're dealing our damage. So we're dealing plenty of fire damage we just are accumulating our Phoenix Strike to level one which's so we could get those reigning meteors down. The bosses die so quickly but when they're still alive following the first two or three seconds, the meteors ensure that they will be finished off entirely.

    If we were without this many skills, the meteors might be great for preventing monster regeneration. So they would deal burning damage as time passes just like Fist of Fire. So Fist of Fire which we charge up to level three, Claws of Thunder is level three, Blades of Ice level three, and Tiger Strike is level three. Remember we're unleashing with Dragon Talon. We up our Gore Rider to make sure that we do a little more kick damage in addition to the Tiger Strike. It ultimately ends up being not insignificant and then we get our Cobra Strike for just about any little bit of life stolen. But we're using Drax anyway to make sure that we can lifetap and be sure we get our sustain.