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There are two primary reasons

  • What is the reason Madden NFL 23 players approved the new CBA, despite its Mut 23 coins clear weaknesses Madden NFL 23 members approved the new collective bargaining offer by the owners by just 1.019-959 votes. Approximately 500 Madden NFL 23 players did choose not to vote. Nonetheless, the CBA is in effect until 2030. was passed by the voting majority. It's the result I was expecting to see however, the margin was unexpected.

    The agreement was approved and this was despite a vocal opposition of veteran players on social media as well as in the union. I'm aware of discussions about players choosing to vote in light due to the current environment with the coronavirus virus outbreak and the market panic however I find it difficult to believe. I believe this CBA was almost always being passed. Here's why.

    There are two primary reasons as to why the CBA was acceptedFirst, it aids in helping "rank-and-file" employees of unions better than stars. The growth in minimum salary is significant and I'm sure that the majority of rank-and-file players vote for what's important today, not the future of their careers or after retirement.

    That's why I was shocked to find the number of "no" vote. There were reports earlier in the week that some players wanted to change their vote . The Madden NFL 23 Players Association refused their request.

    However, it was believed that a majority of the players wanted to change their vote in the direction of "no" in favor of "yes," once they had more details about the CBA. The majority of players were in iMadden NFL attracted by the voice of the players on social media, and I'm guessing that once they began to research the CBA for themselves, they wished to buy madden nfl 23 coins modify their votes.