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The formation is played with three CAMS

  • Figuring out the best formations and tactics to FIFA 23 Coins utilize in FIFA 23 could be a case of trial-and error, especially if you are in doubt about which of your players best suited to an particular strategy. It is possible that you have the ideal formation, but the wrong team or tactical plan could not be entirely compatible with the way you line your players on the pitch.

    For many years, 4-4-2 was a common feature of English clubs as other teams enjoyed success with 3-5-2, before 4-2-3-1 was popularised by teams like Barcelona and Spain however, which form is the most effective for FIFA?

    To help you succeed on the new game, GOAL takes a look at some of the best formations for FIFA 23. The 4-2-3-1 is among the most well-known formations in FIFA. In every variation of the game it has been utilized by professionals as their preferred formation, because of the offensive and defensive strengths it can bring.

    The formation is played with three CAMS. However, the LAM/RAM operate as LM/RMs. So it plays exactly like a four-four-1-1 which allows you to play wide or narrow.

    For defense, the 4-2-3-1 can be extremely compact. It has two holding CDMs that provide defensive stability, and the formation is easily adapted - by putting 'balanced' or 'get forward instructions on a CDM you can make the player more attacking or more reserved.

    The formation has teams defend in a 4-5-1, where the CAM is placed in a deeper position than other formations , such as the 4-4-2. That's why it is the preferred formation of many players who want to buying FUT 23 Coins close out a game, while still retaining an attacking threat.