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D2R Ladder has been banned from countries

  • However, players are able to D2R Items invest large amounts of money in order to avoid the problem. The problem is two-fold because it implies that it is a pay-to win model that is the ultimate goal but also that even by spending money, one is not assured of anything of value to drop.

    D2R Ladder has been banned from countries like The Netherlands and Belgium because of the monetization choices which makes it look like loot boxes, where the loot one gets is not immediately purchased or selected, but rather is completely random in its nature.

    Similar to that, Diablo fans on Reddit are asking for D2R Ladder to be banned from all Diablo-related Subreddits to convey a clear message to Blizzard as well as protect newcomers from predatory practices in monetization.

    A Redditor whose name is Al3xqcs posted a message two days ago suggesting the idea of banning D2R Ladder. now dubbed "Diablo Immoral" by players on the Subreddit. The post gained a lot of popularity and is now being viewed by more than 20K people and multiple awards, with many players stating that it is a smart idea to stop Diablo D2R Ladder.

    gaining more popularity in the community since it could easily absorb individuals with gambling problems. Similar reasons, D2R Ladder is being criticised on multiple websites frustrated players trying to cheap D2R Ladder Items bring attention to the issue of monetization.