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Sony has ambitious plans for the next generation

  • Sony has ambitious plans for FIFA 23 Coins the next generation of hardware for virtual reality and plans to have 2 million units of its PSVR 2 headset ready by the month of March.

    Mass production of the VR headset began with the start of September (via Bloomberg) and has never faced any limitations in its supply chain. With the PS5 still extremely popular due to its low availability since its launch in November, 2020, Sony also plans to have more consoles available in early 2023 according to Bloomberg's sources.

    PSVR 2 is yet to receive a release date after 2023. However, Sony is trying to make sure that they have enough PS5 consoles that can play games with the brand new headset. The device will only work with PS5 and won't be compatible with backwards-compatible PSVR games.

    What is known about the equipment is that it is equipped with amazing specifications. Like that of the PS5 and its DualSense controller, Sony is incorporating haptic feedback and adaptive triggers eye-tracking, inside-out tracking also 3D music into the package which isn't yet available for an official retail price.

    "PSVR 2 feels poised to be an important boost for gaming market," Tamoor Hussain wrote in GameSpot's PSVR 2 preview. "It still remains to be determined if PSVR 2 will draw a large amount of cheapest FUT 23 Coins excitement, but at minimum, I'm confident that it'll be one step closer in achieving the full potential of this device."