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It doesn't make the situation any better

  • Despite the constant pressure from FIFA 23 Coins regulators, microtransactions based on pay-to-win are, unfortunately, still a problem with FIFA 23. Loot boxes appear in the form of player-filled packs inside FIFA's popular Ultimate Team mode. You can purchase

    FIFA Points as bundles, starting at PS0.79 which is equivalent to 100 FIFA Points and climbing to an incredible PS79.99 for 12,000 FIFA Points. A Premium Gold Pack costs 150 FIFA Points. It also includes 12 gold-rated players and consumables, which can be used in game or sold on marketplaces for transfer.

    In terms of the policy of the company, EA told Eurogamer that FUT's lockerboxes "are an element in FIFA that players appreciate," and that "giving players the option to spend however they like would be fair." It has no plans to change its policy in the direction of "surprise mechanics" until laws are passed that force it to.

    It doesn't make the situation any better, but it's worth noting that due to some of these laws, you can have the ability to set weekly limits for FIFA Points spending and pack open within Ultimate Team, and see the chance of receiving the highest-rated player prior to opening packs.

    FIFA 23 also features time-limited Preview Packs which allow you to look over the contents of a pack before deciding to purchase it. However, it's only currently available for one single pack of cheap FUT 23 Coins cards that can be refreshed every day.