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Diablo 3 as a supporting character

  • In the four act of Diablo 2. Diablo rapidly corrupts the prince Aidan and the prince begins losing control of D2R Items his Lord of Terror's soul , eventually releasing Hell's demons once more onto Tristram. The player, a nameless warrior, rescues Cain and, from that point on Cain would be the hero's constant companion, offering to identify magical items for free and offering guidance from his library of knowledge from the past to overcome the demon Diablo.

    Cain comes back again to Diablo 3 as a supporting character. The player character, referred to as the Nephalem regardless of which Diablo 3 class they choose Cain is asked by his Ward Leah to help save scholars from the destruction of Tristram Cathedral which had been attacked by a "fallen-star.'

    The three realize that the "fallen star" is actually a person, whom they call 'the Stranger that has no memory apart from the fact that he has lost his sword. The Nephalem recovers the sword that was split into three pieces. However, their efforts were quickly thwarted by Maghda, a witch who grabs the sword's shards and seizes Cain.

    After the conclusion of Act one of polarizing Diablo 3. the witch is able to torture Cain to make him fix the sword by using his magic abilities, however Cain is unable to do so, and is further tortured to the point of death.

    In an uncontrolled display strength, Leah wipes out Maghda's enemies and Maghda flees but not before taking the Stranger with her before leaving Leah with an ailing Cain. With his last of his strength, he repairs the sword, unveiling the divine origins of the sword, and asks players to cheap D2R Ladder Items return the sword to its master. The remainder of Diablo 3 is spent avenging Cain's death while satisfying his last request.