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The thing that isn't as clear is the constant

  • A few will appreciate the additional flexibility it FIFA 23 Coins gives players when shopping on the transfer market, however, it does feel like a large part of what makes constructing an interesting and difficult team was taken away.

    In any case, FUT is still largely an online game that is a reflection of all the bad aspects that modern soccer has to offer. The interface is as friendly as the local Rangers pub for someone sporting the Celtic scarf.

    Career mode has received an overhaul in appearance to bring it into line with the other modes however, it is played largely exactly the same way as it did before. If you are the player, there are RPG-style points that you can earn according to your actions both on and off the field and you are also able to play as coaches and players from the real world rather than creating one by scratch.

    The thing that isn't as clear is the constant attempts of career mode to make you play less football. EA already had added an array of training features that felt like administrative and now you can choose to watch the highlights of games instead of playing the entire 90 minutes. In the case of a football match it's a bit confusing.

    FIFA may not be the most appropriate game to showcase the power of your console, however there are some interesting features that can help increase that feeling of real-world realism just a tiny bit more FUT 23 Coins buy whether it's the way that nets of the goal ripple, or the way that sliding tackles cause the field to split into pieces over 90 minutes.