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One possible downside to this system

  • One possible downside to FIFA 23 Coins this system is there are two strikers who are likely to remain forward, despite the instructions to "come back on defence' which means you have to be defensive with four midfielders except if you add the striker back manually.

    While it can be the most devastating form of pressing players, some novices may prefer the 4-2-3-1 as a way to close out a game and the 4-4-2 for when they're chasing the game.

    It's a highly attacking formation due to the fact there is a triangle of two strikers and an CAM that is great for quick link-up play. The most notable thing is that the 4-1-2-1-2 is utilized by players who like to play tiki-taka thin and in the middle.

    While the formation doesn't utilize any wingers at all You can bring your right-back and left-back forward to provide width when attacking.

    It can be very useful in attacking the central areasas it creates an overload in the midfield, with the two central midfielders getting forward and attacking to outnumber your opponent.

    The 4-3-3 formation is one which some players prefer to not use, as the the striker can get isolated. But for those who prefer a slower, fluid style of play or just generally love a possession game, the formation could be their first choice of setup.

    The key area of attack with this particular formation is the midfield. Having your opponent outnumbered is vital in this case. The triggers for L1/LB push your midfielders forward and use of one-two pass is crucial to buying FUT 23 Coins ensure the success of this type of formation.