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WoTLK:They're kind of like the natural progression

  • Barriga: The focus of the expansion is that of the third coming of the Burning Legion to WOTLK Gold Azeroth. They've attempted to take over our territory twice and we've fought them back before. This kind of brings us to the first major game that I'm very over the moon about, which is Demon Hunters. Demon Hunters is the Special Forces branch of the Elf, if you like They were Demon Hunters. The most powerful. All they trained for was the hunt for and defeat of demons.

    Unfortunately, some of their means were misunderstood by their brethren. They were arrested and sentenced into jail. The game lets you play as the Illidan's disciples. When the Legion comes back it's like, "Well, do we wish to risk it against these rebellious Demon Hunters or do we simply want to admit defeat?" The people who are in the right decide to bite the bullet and take the so-called World of Warcraft out, and that's when Demon Hunters come in.This Demon Hunter class represents a uncharted territory for the good guys

    We discussed revisiting the idea about Demon Hunters, revisiting Illidan my first thought was we could tell the story we were unable to tell prior. If you didn't understand Illidan but you could see the motivations he had. We feel like we want to change the tone and shift the focus 15-degrees, 20-degrees. But we need to respect the character of the characters brought up. The players will see that we will be returning to Alturus, Akama, Illidan Maiev and many more. They were all characters we planted the seeds of those stories years prior to Burning Crusade.

    What kind of story will be organized in Legion? Are there one straight-forward campaign, or are the story content broken up in some way?Nervig: Each zone is a their own unique storyline.

    St-Michel: A lot of the general storyline is contained in your Class Halls, so you're never missing any of the main storyline. It's generally an enjoyable experience for players who play a numerous alt charactersand characters. You can start in one zone on one character, then move to a different zone with another. Then you'll get to experience every single story that are contained within those zones. But your overarching story is continuing to be told through the class order halls.

    St-Michel: They're kind of like the natural progression of Garrisons and Garrisons, but we've also put in an enormous amount of time in making them highly effective and integrated into gameplay. The Class Order Halls are sort of bringing everything back to the original story where Horde and Alliance fight the biggest threat ever that is the Burning Legion. Each class decides to form a group within themselves. You will gather cheap WOTLK Gold these very personal heroes we have learned from our lore, and then take them under your wing for help in defeating the danger.