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Willis was the most talked about player in practice week

  • Willis was the most talked about player in practice week, with all the players gushing about his athleticism and willingness to learn from coaching. It's not often that you see the quarterback generating a lot of buzz with no Madden 23 coins college stats or tape to back it up. This is definitely a risk for the person who chooses to take the pick, but his unique attributes are prominent enough that I think numerous teams are going to want to take a deep look at Willis.

    In the passing game, Willis did not do much only going 2-for-4 for 11 yards. As a dual threat QB, he lit the game up with his speed. Willis led both teams by rushing for 54 yards, including a deep 27-yard rush that showcased his ability to play big.

    Teams will need to investigate further and identify the areas where he needs corrected in the future, and also watch the entire video to find out how the lackluster performance can be attributed to inadequate talent in the surrounding area at Liberty. In his only game against a team that was ranked that season (No. 16. Ole Miss), Willis had his worst game of the season . He threw three interceptions. He was also sacked NINE TIMES with an offensive line that was in essence Swiss cheese.

    All it takes is one team, and I suspect some one will recognize Josh Allen potential in Malik Willis.Bet on 2022's Madden NFL 23 Draft at DraftKings Sportsbook No. 2: Kenny Pickett is going to be the most talked about player throughout the draft season.

    Pickett was perfect in Pickett was flawless in Senior Bowl, going 6-for-6 for 89 yards and scoring a touchdown. But he has left the field without much attention. It's a strange situation that teams are reluctant to  get on board, despite the fact that they're all claiming him to be the best quarterback in this league.

    The whole thing boils down to ceiling, and there's a very certainty that Pickett could be as good as he's ever going to be. For what it's worth, I think this could be a bit unfair, however, it's true that the Madden NFL 23 Draft will be always about blending production along with the potential of potential players, and the second part is where things usually slide. In this case, it was about confirming that everyone was aware of Pickett instead of blowing people away with elements of his game that they had not experienced before.

    In the end, he's got an above-average arm, an above-average physique, but not as much football IQ as someone like Mac Jones. I'm mentioning Jones because he was a similar QB who , according to some, had exceeded his potential prior to buy madden nfl 23 coins entering Madden NFL 23 after which he went on to have the best rookie season of anyone else in his highly-vaunted class.