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Fans are looking for many more StarCraft games

  • Personally, I believe there are usually characters and fantastic stories to WOTLK Classic Gold tell, and lots of games and plenty of gaming experiences we can make with any of our IPs. I believe there's plenty of room and plenty of room for this. However, in the same way, you must think about the future as well.

    So both are equally important. Fans would like to see greater StarCraft games. I'm a fan, I also want more StarCraft games. Fans want the expansion of World of Warcraft games. I'm a fanand too want more World of Warcraft games. Fans are looking for new IP, me too.

    So, the things we discuss in terms of "What is the right way to utilize IP and how we should think regarding it?" The team holds a lot of decision-making authority. But we also need to consider what games and IPs the teams are most interested in. What IP will work best for different kinds of games.

    I think the fact that we have these IPs that contain these stories, time spans or any other story about games which are associated with them, I think of that as an asset. I don't consider that as a disadvantage. I believe the ability and desire to make new things is equally important and we've proved that it's possible by launching World of Warcraft , and we'll show it again in the future.

    A first-person shooter that is based on StarCraft has turned into White Whale for Blizzard. There was a recent report of a plan to create a first-person shooter set in the StarCraft universe that was cancelled, and then of course, there was StarCraft Ghost. Is that idea something that you'd still like to explore?

    I'm guessing that one of the things I would mention is there's been a lot of recent reports about games that we haven't made progress in, but internally, it's been reported that 50 percent of games we initiate actually begin to ship.

    So the fact that we're still not moving forward with this or that game could be a sign that Blizzard is working as usual. I would say that for the majority of games that we've been working on have never shipped for the reason mentioned above Most people do not even recognize their names other than Blizzard. The games don't get a lot of interest.

    So this is just sort of normal Blizzard being Blizzard in the sense that we assess games and decide what games will be moving forward and which are not going to move forward. I'm an avid StarCraft fan personally, so I look forward to future games in that universe. But I think it's an integral part to the creativity process. The creative process isn't linear. It's extremely tangled.

    Fans are looking for many more StarCraft games. While I'm a huge StarCraft fan, also want more StarCraft games. Fans would like to see additional World of Warcraft games. I'm a fan, I also want to play more World of Warcraft games. Fans are looking for  cheap WOW WOTLK Classic Gold new IPs, I'm one too.