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WOTLK Classic: one of our fundamental philosophies at Blizzard

  • One of the things that we've always wanted to do in WOTLK Classic Gold the world quest system, which we weren't able to do throughout the entire Broken Isles. We were able achieve it in certain places--is place the areas in which the world quests are held in, change out their population, and change what's happening within that area during taking on the quest. That's one of the things we've had the chance to do with the Broken Shore, because it's not a zone for leveling up, we don't have to worry about the population shifting out and making it impossible to accomplish the quests you're required to do.

    So with that in mind we've attempted to make it so every time you log in, on every day that you log in and you go to Broken Shore or go to Broken Isles, you don't be aware of exactly what you're about to do. When you arrive, take a look at the situation, and decide how you'll take your fight against the Legion today.

    It's almost like in Legion that this is only confined only to that particular island as opposed to Cataclysm, where you had these far-reaching effects that affected all of Azeroth. Could this be an intentional thing? Do you think that the impact that the Legion will be felt more broadly in Azeroth in the future?

    In RS, one of our fundamental philosophies at Blizzard is concentrating the coolness. And as soon as you disperse the various items of content in a way that is too broad it can become quite overwhelming for players. As we saw in the prelaunch that there were invasions that occurred in multiple regions of Azeroth, and then decided partly for the fantasy, partly for the story that the Legion would be focusing specifically on the Broken Shore and its immediate surroundings, which was known as the Broken Isles. This was partly due to the fact that we considered that the gameplay makes it perfect for that.

    MD: One of the main ideas behind the patch is that we're going to return into The Broken Shore and reclaim the Broken Shore. It's the point where the Legion expansion began. The method you started the Legion was that you went to the Broken Shore, you fought Gul'dan, and all the other big bad guys, and suffered an important loss. We lost Tirion and we lost Vol'Jin and lost Varian massive losses and we had to cheap WOW WOTLK Classic Gold retreat. So this patch is all concerned with the continuing of the story and propelling it forward.