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Being mean on the internet has transformed with mmoexp Madden

  • Richardson got so angry at Sean Morey after the recently retired player cited a slew of Madden 23 coins stats on safety for players and average career length , that the Panthers owner snapped "You guys earned millions of dollars and if you've been playing three years in the Madden NFL 23 then you ought to have your own team."

    The average Madden NFL 23 salary is $1.9M (the median is $770K) The mean Madden NFL 23 team is worth more than 1 billion dollars. I don't know what kind of investment strategies Richardson is using, but the assertion goes beyond the point of no return and is firmly in an area of greedy assholes.

    Oh, and Sean Morey? Merely a career special teams hustler who transformed into a player advocate at the time he realized his series of concussions was beginning to affect his moods as well as family life as documented by The United States of Football.

    Also, Madden NFL 23 fans, enjoy Cam Newton's on-field excellence and the Panthers their bruising defense. Revere for Ron Rivera's sudden willingness to take on the game in 4th downs, and feel proud of Madden NFL 23 fans who live in the region in which the SEC is the most common way to determine football's allegiances.

    KSK's Mike Tunison tweeted this on Sunday, and -- as with the terrifying video in The Ring -- I must share it with you, in the event that the horror of this picture leads to my sudden death. Do this to your acquaintances, or these faceless monsters will crawl onto your computer's monitor and attempt to sell you Wranglers.

    Being mean on the internet has transformed me into a narcissist for sorrow and dejection. The problem is that it's been a month since either Manning brother is losing a game and I'm now jonesing for Manningface. That mid-game GIF above isn't cutting it if the end result is a victory. While I await misfortune to trip up the Broncos or Giants and Giants, I invite you to enjoy this amazing, almost weekly series of tweets by Rob Fee:

    Following an initial attack from the Bucs after a brief battle with the Bucs Jaguars are now Madden NFL 23's madden 23 coins buy dominantly bad team. They hold a substantial advantage in the race to the draft's number one overall pick. They're in the bottom of their version of Madden NFL 23 by DVOA and weighted DVOA and offensive DVOA, and are last in defensive DVOA.