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Mmoexp madden nfl 23 :How come this man hasn't been signed yet?

  • The flurry of free agency news has slowed as teams have  Madden 23 coins spent the bulk of their cap space and are waiting for the Madden NFL 23 Draft. Don't confuse that with the notion that there are no good players left to be found, which is the reason we're going to look into this week.

    At this point , we're bound to be seeing some tiny deal that seem to fill in the gaps. Sometimes, it's the best place Madden NFL 23 teams can discover the most value. Here are the 10 best Madden NFL 23 free agents still available regardless of position..

    No. 1: Stephon Gilmore CB, Stephon Gilmore

    It's not easy to believe Gilmore remains in the market, however I'm not sure if it's because the Panthers aren't paying attention by any stretch of imagination. The 31-year-old cornerback languished on the Panthers squad in 2021 following being dealt by New England and, in the present, he's looking for another chance to win the ring.

    If there's no crazy amount of cash thrown at him, I'd say Gilmore will pick his choice of any number of teams that require help from a second source. For me, the Buccaneers, Rams, Bengals and Chiefs each make a great deal of sense, with the Raiders being a big dark horse , as they Hoover up talent in the hopes of making a major run.

    No. 2: Bobby Wagner, LB

    How come this man hasn't been signed yet? We've all heard of the traditional middle linebacker in a 4-3 formation however Wagner is the best person to play the place ... in the past.

    Hell, if I'm an organization with the funds, I'll sign Wagner solely to be an important player on defense and to let the team learn from him via the process of osmosis. Wagner is the type of player who married raw athleticism with unreal understanding of football's fundamentals to become one of the best linebackers in the Madden NFL 23 over the last decade.

    Talks indicate he's looking for an amount of around $11 million and that might put some teams -- particularly buy mut coins madden 23 those with lots of cash left. I think Wagner is well worth the investment. There's a chance that someone will get a steal.