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P2Pah WoTLK:The RS is one of our principal philosophies

  • And that is one of the aspects we've been in a position to do in the Broken Shore area. Broken Shore, because it's not a zone to level up so we don't have to be concerned about the changing of the population out , which makes it impossible to accomplish the quests you're required in doing.

    With that in mind We've worked to make it so that when you log in, each day you login, and go to Broken Shore or go to Broken Isles, you don't have a clear idea of what to do. When you arrive, take a look at the situation, and decide how you're going to take an oath to fight the Legion now.

    It's a bit like Legion that it is confined by the islands, in contrast to Cataclysm, where there were far-reaching effects that affected all of Azeroth. Do you think that this is intentional? Do you believe that the impact of the Legion will be felt more broadly in Azeroth at any time?

    The RS is one of our principal philosophies that we have at Blizzard is to concentrate the fun. And as soon as you make the pieces of content out too much it becomes quite overwhelming for players. We noticed in the early stages the assaults that took place in different parts of Azeroth We then decided partly for the fantasy, partly for the story that the Legion was to concentrate exclusively on Broken Shore and its immediate surrounding areas, which is it the Broken Isles. It was partly because we found that the game perfectly lends itself to this.

    MD The biggest ideas that the patch has is that we're going be returning in Broken Shore. Broken Shore and reclaim the Broken Shore. This is the place where the Legion expansion really began. The way you began the Legion was to go through Broken Shore. Broken Shore, you fought Gul'dan, and all the other big baddies, and then we suffered an enormous loss. We lost Tirion and Vol'Jin, we lost Tirion and then we lost Varian massive losses, and we had to retreat. So this patch is all concerning the continuation of the story , and moving it forward.

    A fascinating aspect the patch are the Class Orders. The Class Orders form an essential part of "Why we are going to succeed where before we were unsuccessful." That's the point. A often with Class Orders, we do go re-visit those other places. As part of the Monk class of this patch, you're going be able to go back to Stormstout Brewery. They are fantastic opportunities for players to spread their wings and remind them how large and vibrant this world truly is. Also, you can see the progression to "Oh, the Legion has been spreading their tendrils around a bit."