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One accolade he did receive was the top dunk

  • You guessed it, the NBA 2K MT most highly evaluated Pelican would be Zion Williamson, with an 85 rating in the game.Many people in the comments section were immediately dissatisfied over the seemingly low rankings for Williamson. The ranking was his lowest since his rookie season.Remember that rankings fluctuate and can fluctuate depending upon your performance within the courts. Last time we watched Zion Williamson play, he averaged around 27 points per game while shooting 60 shooting percentage from the field so expect his rankings to increase with similar production.

    One accolade he did receive was the top dunk rating during the game. He in a tie with Ja Morant with an overall score of 97 points for dunkers. This is an excellent score for someone who returned after a long absence due to foot surgery.Zion's ability and athleticism make the perfect show to watch while he's dunking the basketball. The game's creators are aware of this and showcased some behind-the-scenes footage of Zion doing his dunk to make sure they get the perfect capture of his poetic style in motion.

    The remainder of the Pelicans rankings for players will be made public, however leaks are popping up on the internet about the starting five rankings.Along with Zion's Buy NBA 2K MT 87, the leak also has Brandon Ingram at 86, CJ McCollum with an 85, Herb Jones coming in at 78 along with Jonas Valanciunas rounding out with an 83 rank. It won't be long before the complete list is revealed to the public. It won't be long before this match, and then the actual games will follow shortly.