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We do not make these kinds of changes lightly

  • A comprehensive WoTLK Classic Gold new Heart of Azeroth menu lets you alter your character's appearance with Essences that provide an array of active abilities and buffs to unlock. Plus the wonders of mechanical wizardry in Mechagon offer new options for boosting stats, such as a trinket that comes with colored punchcard slots, similar to traditional gem sockets. Gnomes and Taurens are also able to be part of special quests to gain Heritage armor.

    "We do not make these kinds of changes lightly." Wrath of the Lich King Classic principal creator Kris Zierhut said in a recent interview with a group that P2Pah took part in. "They are based on the fundamental principles of what Classic is all about. We believe that Classic is about socializing and making friends, as well as making new acquaintances. To make this happen, you must meet those people numerous occasions, to get a chance for a game with them, and later play with them another time, and then say "Oh I remember that person who was so cool last time. Maybe I should include him on my friend's list of friends. Perhaps I should add him on my list of friends I attempt to form groups of dungeons with after you've completed a successful Dungeon Run. We're trying to make social a priority and also focus on the world and being immersed into this world."

    The changes that are coming to Wrath of the Lich King Classic provide a clear indication of how Blizzard's philosophy has changed since the first time it launched WoW Classic in 2019. In the past, Blizzard sought to recreate "vanilla" WoW as it was back in 2006 as faithfully as feasible, and with as little modifications as was possible. However, over time, and specifically towards the close of WoW Classic's content release cycle , and in the context of Blizzard's re-release of the game's initial expansion, The Burning Crusade, the game's philosophy changed.

    In the course of this, the WoW Classic team began to study and implement feedback from players and quality-of-life improvements which improved the WoW Classic players experience, but still preserving the traditional nature of the game's original design and its initial expansion. A few of these changes involved changing the speed at buy WoTLK Gold which the game's servers detect inputs to accommodate modern internet speeds. Additionally, there was the option to play the same faction PvP battlefields to be played in Burning Crusade Classic, done to reduce the time it takes to queue and also helping solve the issue of faction imbalance. Blizzard also introduced WoW Classic Season of Mastery which allowed players to create brand new character types and go through the basic game of WoW the same way but this time at a faster pace, with more difficult raids, higher drops of loot, and other significant modifications.