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In Walker You're hoping for J.J.

  • It's not all that Madden 23 coins important though. There are legitimate reasons for discussing Walker over Hutchinson which don't involve the college experience of their respective players being lied about. You don't judge Walker as a result of what he accomplished at Georgia, you take him for what you think that he can become -- and that's why there's no reason to draw a distinction between the two best pass rushers of this draft.

    Hutchinson hasn't reached his ceiling but is close to his goal. He's a player innately similar like Joey Bosa, who had an 16.0 sack season in his final year ay Ohio State, and has developed into a solid defensive player who gets 8-12 sacks a season and is an integral part in the Pro Bowl.

    In Walker You're hoping for J.J. Watt -- but taken even further. Watt was a decently effective pass rusher at Wisconsin, who ended his junior season with 7.0 Sacks, however he did not surprise anyone to the point where he was considered a must-pick. Taken 11th in 2011. two pass rushers were chosen prior to Watt (Von Miller and Aldon Smith). Watt was an upside selection with tremendous athletic potential. He ended up realizing all of it, turning into a monster who recorded 20+ sacks ... twice. If I were to say that Walker could be even better than Watt is a ridiculous claim that's not true, but it's also deserved.

    The two have almost identical rating for agility between the two, they're more or less identical in size, however Walker crushes Watt in speed. We're seeing unheard of buy mut 23 coins potential upside on the defensive end, rivaled only by Myles Garrett recently times However, it must be noted Garrett did not run the shuttle or cone at the combine, meaning the actual comparisons are skewed slightly.