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This has been an ongoing internal discussion

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    P2Pah: World of Warcraft Classic is definitely a pleasant surprise. What's the general impression of the team's determination to go back to create something similar to that?

    John Hight: Super exciting. We have players on the World of Warcraft team that have been involved in the game from the very beginning. That in itself is awesome since not many people are able to say that they played an online game for 13 14. and in a couple of cases, for 20 years. In reality, a lot of these are in crucial areas of engineering that are useful to understand the differences in the database as well as the way that the game was played back in the day.

    What time was it that the decision was made to take this project on?

    This has been an ongoing internal discussion. It's likely that this debate is something that has happened on and off throughout the years, right? But last year this reached a fever pitch and we actually had a lot of internal discussions because we want to be sure we're providing an exceptional experience for our players. Our main concern was about our capability to execute Blizzard quality going back so many years. It isn't a good idea to ruin the experience. It has to be authentic. However, at the same time the people don't want any of the cute bugs we used to have back in the day.

    Are you working at all alongside the teams trying to build their own classic servers , or is this entirely separate?

    No, this is all internal. As I said, we're fortunate that a lot of people that worked on the original WoW are in the team currently and they're incredibly excited. We've even set up an additional, separate Steam within our main World of Warcraft team to solely focus on this project so that we're not trying to give away resources. It's been a constant challenge for us: there's numerous great things we can do with WoW. We have to decide whether we want to go back and implement this, or buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold add this new feature to World of Warcraft ? And that was the big decision for us. We've decided to form a special team to handle it. Everybody that is interested, we'll ask them to volunteer or apply or get on the team. And we'll protect that to ensure that they are successful.