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Kenyon Martin is a well-known NBA team

  • Player 2k23 mtcardOffenseDefensePositionHeightWingspanWeightTeamFromShoeRussell Westbrook- Ruby9087PG/SG6'3'(190cm)6'7"(200cm)200 lbs(90kg)Oklahoma City ThunderUCLAJordan

    Kenyon Martin

    Kenyon Martin is a well-known NBA team 2001-02 New Jersey Nets member and has served as a power forward and a center position. Kenyon Martin has an overall 2K score of 83 and uses two-way stretch Four.

    Player cardOffenseDefensePositionHeightWingspanWeightTeamFromShoeKenyon Martin- Sapphire8585PF/C6'9'(205cm)7'0"(213cm)225 lbs(102kg)New Jersey NetsCincinnatiNike

    Harrison Barnes

    Harrison Barnes is a member of the legendary NBA team from The 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors. He's been a small forward or a power forward. In the seventh round, he was the number 7 pick at the time of the 2012 NBA Draft. Harrison Barnes has an overall 2K score of 80 and has the body of an effective sharpshooter.

    Player cardOffenseDefensePositionHeightWingspanWeightTeamFromShoeHarrison Barnes- Sapphire8781SF/PF6'8'(203cm)6'11"(210cm)225 lbs(102kg)Golden State WarriorsNorth CarolinaAny

    Zydrunas Ilgauskas

    Zydrunas Ilgauskas is an infamous NBA team 2006-07 Cleveland Cavaliers member, playing at the middle position. Zydrunas Ilgauskas holds a two-point total score of 82 and is a 2-way inside scorer.

    Player cardOffenseDefensePositionHeightWingspanWeightTeamFromShoeZydrunas Ilgauskas- Sapphire8784C7'3'(220cm)7'6"(228cm)228 lbs(107kg)Cleveland CavaliersLithuaniaAny

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