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Go to the BlizzCon site here for all the details

  • The BlizzCon Pass WoTLK Classic Gold grants you entry to the entryway and also access for the Pregame Festivities event, in addition to the statue as well as in-game extras. It also includes a number of other items. BlizzCon Portal Pass in turn it comes with several additional features that justify the price of $550. This ticket comes with everything described previously, in addition to entry into the Darkmoon faire during the Night at the Faire event scheduled for the day prior to when BlizzCon begins, as well being a host of "convenience-related additional benefits." This includes first entry into the exhibit hall and parking options, preferential lines, and access to a lounge that attendees can relax and have a chat with Blizzard developers.

    For the Benefit Dinner for $750 USD Pass This is the most comprehensive package which includes an event for charity in the evening prior to BlizzCon where you will be able to talk to artists, developers as well as other Blizzard individuals, in addition to all the benefits mentioned above. The money raised from the dinner goes towards the Children's CHOC Charity.

    Go to the BlizzCon site here for all the details you need regarding tickets.

    Perhaps the most significant news of the last BlizzCon was the announcement of World of Warcraft wotlk , a new game for mobile devices. Many had hoped to be able to play World of Warcraft wotlk , but it wasn't revealed, and many fans expressed their displeasure.

    Blizzard is said to have "experimented" in the field of World of Warcraft wotlk for mobiles

    Blizzard Tainment has "experimented" by experimenting with the adaptations of World of Warcraft wotlk for mobile devices, but it isn't looking to bring the MMORPG to different platforms, the director of production J. Allen Brack told P2Pah today at BlizzCon.

    "Mobile is something that I believe that we're all excited about. Everyone has mobile phones. We all own tablets. It's pretty common to this point." Brack said.

    "We've tried a WOW WoTLK Classic Gold variety of options (for World of Warcraft wotlk ] with tablets; we don't know if this is the thing we believe is the best for tablet.' We keep our eyes peeled for what is the best experience," he added.