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Glad the Lakers exchanged KYLE KUZMA

  • KYLE KUZMA has 2k23 mt outscored RUSSELL WESTBROOK in 2K23. KYLE KUZMA is now 82 OVR, and RUSSELL WESTBROOK is 81 OVR. Thanks to his recent excellent results in the League the player of his age appears to have found a new lease of life after his departure from the Lakers.Since the Lakers traded KUZMA, KUZMA has been very efficient, averaging 15.7 points and almost nine rebound per game. While on the field, KUZMA's running position is very flexible. He is able to run outside with or without the ball and still maintain an ideal position. In the same way, he can adjust his actions according to the current situation of the field. If his opponent turns to stop or intercept an intruder, he will cleverly slide forward 5 feet, leaving his defender in the ideal position to protect his shot.

    The majority of people don't realize that KUZMA requires keeping the ball in his hand so that he can enter groove quickly. He could be a corner shooter, but limiting his capabilities to this would be unwise. If he shoots the ball more often, he'll become better, be able to play a phenomenal defense, and attack the paint and possibly take control of the game at peak time too, and his future possibilities are limitless.Grab the defensive rebound, find a partner who has the ball and let KUZMA present to the fans the fastest offensive rhythm and a great running distance during the most recent beautiful games. That's the way for Kurz to make a choice!

    Glad the Lakers exchanged KYLE KUZMA. With the amount of backcourt players on the team, he didn't have much potential to improve his game there. In a new environment the player will get a chance to shine. In reality, all the youngsters who the Lakers knocked out in the span displayed good upside.KYLE KUZMA worked Nba 2k23 mt hard to bring those who were not a fan of him understand that their previous views were incorrect. LeBron attempted to make him an effective spot-up shooter. After departing LeBron however, he was given numerous passes which gave him more regularity. He's averaging 18 points in his second season and has a soaring performance in the last few games the decision to leave LA is the most beneficial thing for him . He's also proved that LeBron did not view this potential star as a big deal.Stay tuned to to get more NBA 2K information.