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The power of Harden's breakout in this game

  • Why Harden 2k23 mt exploded in the gameMaybe people are happy that Harden is back to where He was in the past, but please don't ignore this fact: Embiid was present at the time and the majority of the Heat's defensive assets were allocated to Embiid and gave Harden plenty of power. The stamina and opportunity of dominating the sport which he couldn't do when leading the team alone.

    The power of Harden's breakout in this game is inseparable from the referee's penalty scale and the concept of a three-pointer. If the referee's penalty standard is favorable to Harden, the player can use this opportunity to make a lot of fouls to get free throws. In conjunction with the hot 3-point shot Harden will be able to get high marks.

    Harden in transitionEveryone is aware the fact that James Harden is a good player, however since leaving the Rockets his stature has declined slowly, up to now with the 76ers. A lot of the time, Harden is more of an team. He was however unable to be a hero and be a winner for the team in a critical moment. He was heavily criticized by fans and the media quite a bit. However, in the opinion of Harden, this is a process that should be witnessed during the transformation. Harden has put aside the role of the ball to help win the championship. He has also accepted the role as a link between teams' offense. When the team is Nba 2k23 mt using Harden as their tactical core, Harden's possession reaches 35%. But in the 76ers, the tactical heart lies with Embiid.At the time of the Nets, the tactical core that the players were Durant as well as Irving.