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The practice of having gender-specific classes

  • If the Glaivier is appealing to you, take a look at her profile for Lost Ark Gold Academy(opens in new tab) to learn all about her abilities and stances along with some tips to get you started.South Vern is a region you'll be able explore after you reach item level 1340, is the youngest region. It was once a barren land before settlers used tech from various races to transform it into a lush green and lush realm. Something not-quite-right is apparently going down, however, due to the continent being locked down by the senate, which also established a new knightly order. "The South Vern storyline will culminate in a massive fight, with the potential to change the direction of Arkesia." Smilegate promises.

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    Despite almost taking over Steam the Smilegate RPG-developed and Amazon-back MMO "Lost Ark" has also generated some criticism since its North American launch. The game has recently seen upwards of 1 million accounts suspended due to use of bots. A more serious issue has now been brought to light as well, which is the notion of gender roles in "Lost Ark." The practice of having gender-specific classes has caused the game to be criticized by gamers and critics, and has since become a hot-button issue for onlookers. Many have said that the issues that have been raised with "Lost Ark" are a reflection of the ongoing problems with sexism in video games as an industry.

    Outside of certain roles within "Lost Ark" being gender-neutral, other players have criticized the game for giving female characters "revealing" and sexually suggestive clothing, particularly in the game's character-selection and menu screen. Since the controversy arose, Amazon Games has released a statement detailing how it hopes to address gamers' complaints about "best place to buy Lost Ark Gold."