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You can buy using amethyst crystals

  • A new Twitch drops campaign began the 22nd of July at 8am PT/3pm UTC Lost Ark Gold. This promotion allows you to earn the Pixel Glasses Selection Chest along with a 3 Battle Items Chest along with 1,000 Amethyst shards. The offer will close on August 18 at 12am PST/7am UTC.The Pixel glasses are available in pink, black or purple as well as the Battle Items Chests include 5 Healing Battle Item Chests, 5 utility Battle Item Chests, and 5 offensive Battle Item Chests. As for the amethyst shards, they're a currency normally earned through achievement such as winning a PvP match or accruing 50 friends, however they're also offered to purchase in an Amazon Prime reward. They can be exchanged at an exclusive retailer in every city hub.

    The most well-known item you can buy using amethyst crystals is an ossuary skin for your ship, known as the Notos orca that turns your vessel in to an enormous killer whale and will help make those long sea journeys fly by. That'll set you back an impressive 6,600 amethyst shards. You can also get a beautiful gold wolf mount to buy however, it costs around 22,000 amethyst pieces.

    How do I get Lost Ark Twitch drops

    To activate Twitch drops, go to the Lost Ark website(opens in new tab), sign into Twitch and then connect to your Steam account, then hit"activate. To be able to activate this Twitch drop, you'll need to go through four hours of best place to buy Lost Ark Gold participating streams, though not in one go.