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Blizzard is currently dealing with the fallout

  • The pay-to-win argument, and the increasingly large number of microtransactions WoTLK Gold available in games is the main motive for ex-WoW's popular content creator MadSeasonShow recently announced that she would be leaving the game. The picture at the top of the pay-towin discussion on Reddit was actually taken from MadSeason's resignation video as well as a number of comments on the thread echo MadSeason's arguments. The topic is one that the creator of the content has researched in-depth before, in an hour-long documentary titled "The The Ballad for the Level Boost" in which he discusses Blizzard giving a level boost for Burning Crusade Classic, as along with other microtransactions such WoW Token. WoW Token.

    It's true that having massive amounts of gold available in game can, in a substantial way will benefit players in Blizzard's MMO. However, since players aren't purchasing power from Blizzard, and instead are basically purchasing the power of other players through gold acquired from the token so the issue of whether or not WoW is pay-to-win remains up for debate, and could remain for some time.

    Blizzard is currently dealing with the fallout from a state of California lawsuit that accuses Activision Blizzard of fostering a "frat boy" work environment where sexual harassment, discrimination against females are typical. The accusations have resulted in the departure of Blizzard president J. Allen Brack and head of human resources Jesse Meschuk, as well as game-wide changes buy WoTLK Gold that included the elimination of NPCs and items named for a former WoW game director explicitly mentioned by the plaintiff.