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Blizzard has been criticized for its handling of inclusivity

  • One of these inclusivity features is shown off in the recently released alpha of Dragonflight WoTLK Gold. In the character creator, the player's choices of body type are identified as "Body 1" or "Body 2." Prior to Dragonflight and in the current version of the game they were identified as "Male" along with "Female." Individuals from all genders can be found in far more than just two kinds of bodies, but the decoupling of gender from even these particular body types is a gesture towards a more inclusive character creator. Other games, such as Cyberpunk 2077. and Halo Infinite have used similar terms.

    As discovered by Wowhead Datamining the strings of data reveal possibilities for pronoun choice options which include "she/her," "he/him," and "they/them." How exactly the options will be presented or if it's implemented has yet to be determined. In the report of Wowhead, WoW frequently avoids using player pronouns directly, using gender-neutral titles such as "hero" or "champion" to replace them. The gender of the character and pronouns are not discussed in the majority of user interfaces for players. However, the change would be in line with the stated objective of adding more options to customize characters and the possibility for changing a player character's voice and voice, which is becoming a more common option in creators of character. This means that these are not revolutionary, but they are welcome enhancements that allow for greater gender-specific expression.

    Blizzard has been criticized for its handling of inclusivity within games before cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold, the most recently with the announcement of the diversity metric tool. The developer is in the midst of controversy concerning worker mismanagement and the sexist workplace culture. Recently the Activision Blizzard King Workers Alliance has announced a walkout in order to call for greater protections for the most marginalized employees.