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Diablo Immortal's actual gameplay-focused content is free

  • "We're going to continue to release content on a regular D2R Items schedule," Burgess said. "Our target is to release new content every couple of months, we'll launch either a new dungeon or zone, and along with it is brand new story content players can play through." According to Burgess, the primary campaign when it launches will take about 20 hours to finish.

    Whether Diablo Immortal can make it to the landing of walking the line between a true Diablo game and free-to play MMO is to be seen, but Burgess thinks gamers will be awed by the magnitude in Diablo Immortal and its position within the Diablo franchise.

    "It's an experience that plays as if it's a genuine Diablo game," Burgess said. "It's dark, gritty. It's going to make all the Diablo players who loved being scared when they did dungeon-crawls, they'll love it. However, it's also an approachable game for players who've had no experience with before a Diablo game before."

    Like we said the entirety of Diablo Immortal's actual gameplay-focused content is free. You'll be able to access all story and group content such as raids and dungeons with no need to shell out money. Additionally, you'll be able to play in PvP battlegrounds, as well as the Cycle of Strife without spending even a cent.

    There's even a complimentary version of the game pass D2R items for sale PS4 that offers a few substantial benefits. There's plenty of content available for free and Blizzard promises to provide free updates in the form that of new classes and dungeons and stories on a regular basis. If you just want to enjoy a casual game and take pleasure in stories and the latest content in the meantime it's totally possible to enjoy it.