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Lost Ark may not have been out for very long

  • "Please keep in mind that taking part in any real-money transactions (RMT) Lost Ark Gold with third-party sellers is against our terms of service and can result in an account suspension to both, the purchaser and vendor," the developer added. "To ensure your account is protected be wary of gifts and gold sent to you by people you aren't familiar with, and always reject any items that appear in your inbox that you are unsure about. "New to Lost Ark "If Lost Ark has been a mystery to you until its quick rise to the top of Steam charts, let us to fill you in," Ali explains in his post, What's Lost Ark and Why Is it exploding on Steam(opens in new tab).

    "If this is the first you're hearing of Lost Ark, then you must be aware that it isn't a 'traditional' MMO by any stretch of the imagination."

    Lost Ark may not have been out for very long, but it's already one of the biggest games to hit Steam(opens in new tab). Within 24 hours of the game's release the game drew in so many players that it is currently the highest concurrent peak everrecorded, surpassing the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 as well as Amazon's New World, which currently has an average of 913K. The only game that has ever had more record players concurrently is the PUBG game from PlayerUnknown.

    Lost Ark Update Patch Notes and Maintenance Schedule Today (June 9)

    It's Thursday, and it's Thursday and for Lost Ark players that means an absence from it for buy Lost Ark Gold short period of time at the very minimum while the developers attempt to make weekly updates to the game and servers through the release of an update today.It's been a little over a week since the launch of the update to the content in May 2022 in Lost Ark. Assuming you still having fun with the new content you'll need to prepare for the next monthly update, which is expected to be out starting in June of 2022.