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We've have heard about the case

  • The plaintiff alleges that Watson afterward called her and apologized for his behavior. On March 16. Watson issues a statement about the lawsuit, in which he denies the claims. In the statement, he claims that"I have "never treated any woman with anything other than the respect that they deserve," adding that he believes the suit was an outcome of an "Mut 23 Coins" solicitor.

    "We found out about a civil lawsuit involving Deshaun Watson through a social media update last night. For the first instance we've have heard about the case and we're hoping to learn more soon. We take accusations such as this one that involve anyone in this Houston Texans organization seriously. We'll await more details before making any further statements regarding this incident."

    On 17 March, the following day, Buzbee said that an additional massage therapist would be seeking to sue Watson over an alleged incident which took place in The Houstonian Hotel in August of 2020. The new allegations stated that Watson had a massage therapist in the hotel room and disrobed for the session, refusing to remove his clothes. Another massage therapist stated that Watson told him to rub his penis however, when she didn't, he created an intentional motion that caused her to rub his penis.

    In addition , the lawyer said that seven additional women were filing suits against Watson. On the following day, March 18. the third most serious lawsuit of Watson was filed. A massage therapist accused Watson sexually physically assaulted her at an office building to Buy Madden 23 Coins. requiring her to engage in oral sex with Watson.