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Thanks to the mount technology

  • The other new features WoTLK Gold adjustments for quality-of-life. Mounting capabilities, for example allow you to equip your mount with extra characteristics that they do not have as a default. The particular instance Blizzard mentioned is one called the Water Strider, which has the ability to walk on water. Thanks to the mount technology it is possible to put that feature to any mounted. The studio was extremely open regarding this in response to frustration from players, but it did so in a way that was more extensive than what feedback is normally required.

    "We are considering an issue where we have heard two comments from the public," Kowalkowski said. "One was that I'm tired from having to use this Water Strider everywhere and at the beginning of each expansion, for about six months. The other reason is because water walkingseemed as if it was a strong ability at that time. The response could be: well, let's just walk across water using their mount, and this was actually one of the topics we talked about.

    "When we think about such a system How can we provide the utility but provide people with what they've wanted? I don't want to be looking at the water-walking up and down the wall all the time. It's usually a lot of trying to hear what players are saying, but it's important to determine what's wrong and then devise an idea solve the WOW WoTLK Classic Gold, rather than simply listening for feedback."