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The modern guidelines are complicated

  • The group is of the same opinion that the modern guidelines are complicated.
    - If you're a participant this is doing quite a few WoTLK Gold raiding, the non-public loot guidelines have been designed to guard you. The group did not need you to sense compelled to alternate away matters to a person else.
    - Trading non-public loot must be a bonus, now no longer a social pressure.
    - You can not alternate loot from bonus rolls proper now due to the fact the group wishes you to spend that token on your self.
    - In Patch 7.2, loot from bonus rolls will let you know why you can not alternate it away.
    - Allowing you to alternate bonus roll loot might create the possibility for the institution to inform anyone to bonus roll on a positive boss due to the fact a person withinside the institution desires an object.
    - If you're in a guild institution and need to alternate loot round it's miles a completely complicated device proper now.
    - The group is asking at how they could lighten up the guidelines with out violating the thoughts at the back of the preliminary set of guidelines.
    - The  set portions in Arcway and Court of Stars were not be capable of traded due to the fact they have been technically a part of a set.

    Item Effects
    - If it makes experience for an object to have an impact, the group will upload an impact to it.
    - The Spike Collar Chain in Karazhan did harm while humans hit you, the impact makes experience.
    - The group would not need to do too many outcomes as it makes it more difficult to evaluate objects, however the modern price might be fine.

    Dungeon Trinkets
    - The group seems at trinkets lots.
    - With Legion and the Mythic+ and object improve device there are greater objects than there ever were earlier than.
    - The group likes WoTLK Classic Gold trinkets being beneficial.