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Do you have a problem with some Magic Levels?

  • Important Note: Adding a OSRS gold for your Portal Nexus requires identical Magic level and requirements for quests (if there are any) for casting the teleport spell.

    Do you have a problem with some Magic Levels or perhaps a level in construction in order to create more of a Portal Nexus? It is possible to reach out to one of rsorder's Elite Boosters, by joining our Discord server, and we will take care of the grinding for you

    Does anyone know of a suggested setup that I can use for the OSRS Portal Nexus?

    If you are in the middle of 92 construction, it is suggested that you add all 30 available teleports on the Portal Nexus, allowing you to teleport to those 30 locations forever, however if you have either 82 or 72 construction, you are only able to add 8. 4 teleports , respectively.

    If I had to pick between 4 or 8 teleports to choose from, how would I decide between the thirty locations available?

    This will be entirely dependent on your style of play as well as the types of activities you often perform on Old School RuneScape.

    For instance, if you're an ordinary Old School RuneScape player, having 8 teleports, because you have the 82 Construction feature, it is advised to add 8 teleports which you would normally need to be playing on a particular buy RS gold. Some examples of these include: