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The whole WotLK Classic expansion is full of new content

  • The whole WoTLK Gold expansion is full of new content, including new quests along with currencies, game mechanics that allow players to truly immerse themselves afterlife. One of the new game mechanics is players to design their own Legendary Armor. These are items based on class that enhance a character's stats as well as allowing players to fight against entities such as The Jailer and other legends that they come across as they progress along the path of expansion. To gain access to Legendary Crafting which allows players to create this enhanced equipment it is necessary to reach Level 60 and be a member of a Covenant. Additionally, they must finish the first chapter of their Covenant's adventure and travel to Torghast in the first instance. They will then be greeted by the Runecarver who is the one who holds the keys to Legendary Crafting.

    Players will add reward items into the Great Vault by completing their weekly goals. Every week, they be required to finish three tasks each in Raids, Mythic Dungeons, and PvP matches. In Raids, players can defeat three Castle Nathria bosses in order to gain one item from the Great Vault. They can increase the number of items available by defeating seven or ten Raid bosses instead. The reward item level is related to the difficulty levels of the Raid.

    In Mythic Dungeons, the players need to complete one to unlock one item of the Great Vault each week, four to unlock two items, or 10 for three to gain access. Similar to Raids however, the amount of rewards is determined by the lowest level of the top one either four or ten completed dungeons for the week. With Rated PvP, gamers will need to earn 1.250 Honor Points to unlock one item in the Great Vault each week. They'll have to cheap WoTLK Gold for two items as well as 6.250 Honor Points to unlock all three items. The amount of reward items in the vault depends on the player's highest bracket score during the week.