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It's not only the MT 2K23 defense

  • It's not only the MT 2K23 defense that received an upgrade in terms gameplay. The game itself feels more fluid because of a number of factors. The first is that everything is much smoother, outside of the annoying animations you get periodically.

    The AI reacts in a more real-looking manner and can read things like screens or cuts into the basket while away from the ball. The dribbling is also improved , so players like Kyrie Irving experience a different level of control than other ball handlers. Additionally, the brand new shot meter functions very well.

    NBA 2K23 Evaluation: Great Basketball, Bloated Hubs

    At the core, the problem of how great any game in the NBA 2K franchise is lies with how great it is to play the game of basketball. There's good news, despite the long anticipation for the gameplay reveal regardless of whether it's an NBA game played in MyCareer, a pickup game in the hubs, or even a game in Domination with MyTeam.

    NBA 2K23 offers a direction correction for the franchise with improved gameplay, a deeper involvement in MyCareer with new Seasons and more. Following a disappointing experience in the past, NBA 2K is back with a far more robust edition that is NBA 2K23.

    2K23 shines most brightly on the court, which is the essential element, but it suffers from unnecessarily bloated hubs in its most renowned mode of MyCareer. The W also seems like an extra feature rather than an entirely functional mode, at least with both the gaming and graphics improvements.

    The mode still feels enjoyable to play. Thankfully, there are many things to do within MyCareer, MyTeam, and the more in-depth League along with GM modes to make up for negatives of The City on current-gen consoles and The Neighborhood on NBA 2K MT For Sale last-gen.