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How can you identify an untrustworthy OSRS Gold site

  • How can you identify an untrustworthy OSRS Gold site

    They offer RS accounts

    Selling stolen RS accounts in lieu of gold directly to players is among the most commonly used scam techniques in RS scammers. Although it appears to be an easy method to improve your skills, the problem is that the initial owner of the account could reclaim it at any time, which means that you'll not only lose the account that you bought as well as all the items and gold you bought with it.

    Greedy deals

    Some individual scammers are looking for one-time opportunities to earn large sums of money quickly. They are aware of the possibility to get caught instantly, so they charge much higher than average.

    Prolonged waiting procedure

    Beware of merchants who keep customers waiting for payment - purchasing RS3 Gold or buying OSRS gold from a legit site will take only a few minutes! If the website doesn't provide good customer service, it's definitely a red flag.

    What makes a legit RuneScape gold website?

    Excellent customer reviews

    When choosing a reputable RS gold site in 2018. the most important thing to consider is the quantity and quality of customer reviews. The top OSRS/RS3 gold-based sites allow you to find them. Make sure you check the site on popular gaming forums like

    Secure payments

    You want to be able to have multiple choices of secure payments like Paypal.

    Great customer service

    If the RS site invests in good customer service like 24/7 live chat and doesn't need long to respond to your messages, it's a sure indicator that the site is a genuine RS gold dealer.

    Years of experience

    Find a site that has been selling gold for at least two years. fraud sites are quick to get a bad reputation.

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