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We're pleased to present this OSRS Minigames


    To fight against her, players need to win five more fights in the arena to RuneScape Gold defeat bosses with a Combat levels of 800+. This is regarded as a raid, similar to Chambers of Xeric - only five people are able to fight bosses on the arena at the moment. With regards to rewards players will be rewarded with the highest quality in slot weapons, Justicar sets, large quantities of herbs , and even a possibility of getting pets. Content recommended only for maxed combat players.

    While Jad is not a popular boss to encounter in a random cave which gives random loot, it is certainly one of the most well-known bosses in the Old School RuneScape community. The final boss of TzHaar Fighting Cave minigame. It is also one of the bosses you'll meet during Inferno minigame. Jad for a very long time was one of the strongest bosses in OSRS.

    He can hit even the strongest players who don't have correct prayers in place at the moment. This is why prior to engaging against him , it's crucial to be familiar with his movements. In exchange for beating the entire fight cave and Jad himself, players can win Tokkul and legendary Fire Cape. People who wish to battle Jad will need to spend about an hour fighting off monsters in the minigame Make sure you ration your resources effectively during that period of time.

    In case the Jad himself wasn't enough of a danger, Jagex created even more challenging version of fight cave known as Inferno. Players will be able to meet Tz-Kal Zuk, who has A Combat Level of 1400. This boss can be assigned as a Slayer job after the first success of the Inferno. If he's killed while performing the task, he rewards players with at least 100k of experience in the Slayer skill. Furthermore, players who can defeat this monstrosity are awarded with the Infernal Cape which is the greatest melee cape that can be found in the game. Since the cape can't be traded so there's no need to take on this beast more than once outside of the Slayer task.


    We're pleased to present this OSRS Minigames guide where you can find out more about these small activities implemented to play in Old School RuneScape. Below we will list each of them, and provide you with a an overview of their purpose and the outcomes that you can accomplish by playing these minigames. Don't waste time and jump directly into the video.

    MINIGAMES GENERAL OVERVIEW. A lot of Old School RuneScape players are unfamiliar with the concept of minigames that were created by Jagex. They were made a long time ago to give adventurers of Gielinor short activities which they can complete for various rewards.

    Minigames focus on being short and not time-consuming. Many of them also have designed puzzles and require the achievement of a set of objectives. Rewards typically consist of experience lamp and other small objects. If you notice a red stars in the map that appears like a quest icon but has a an alternate color, it's an indication that a Minigame is how to buy gold on runescape available in that place. The main distinction between Minigame and the Quest is that first one can be completed at any time the player wants.