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Good luck! It's entirely dependent on how you'd like


    If you're able to have 90+ attack and strength, then melee will be OSRS GP a better choice. An armed setup for ranged would be something like this... Equipment - Neitiznot (for prayer and defense bonus) or any other boots you want (ranger or snakeskin could have the greatest benefit and then bandos or white for prayer),

    Method - Stand directly in front of them, guard against the melee area and employ eagle-eye. They'll likely melee the majority of the time but your d'hide / arma will tank most of their magic strikes. The only damage you'll get most of the time is their ranged attacks.

    I believe, first foremost, you'll need to build a room for the throne, and build a floor in the middle of it. Then, build an oubliette under it. There is also the need to construct a trap door inside. After that, there are two other ways of accessing it The first is a large cave entrance built in a fancy garden or a garden. A flight of stairs in a room.

    After you've completed one of those two rooms, you are able to build another room below in the same way, but there should only be one choice for this. When you've constructed the room(s) it is possible to build as normal in construction mode, building treasure rooms, dungeon passageways and junctions, or any room from above that you wish to put down below.

    Also, if you haven't alreadydone so, taking Love Story is a must. Love Story quest unlocks a brand new type of dungeon which comes with a multitude of new dungeon guards are available to add which include scarabites, black demons, iron dragons and more. And the majority of these new monsters cost less than the original hellhounds, trolls dragons etc.. If I missed anything you'd like to discuss, feel free to contact me in the future.

    Lardar basically summarized the most effective methods, however in order to create a plan , you'll need to know exactly what level you are.

    Good luck! It's entirely dependent on how you'd like to proceed Personally, I don't like runecrafting , and don't have the money, so I'm constantly fighting on the hunt for designs to use on my runecrafting. As well as helping people with their RC effigies (91 from now, I'd highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get 30k XP per day in RC)

    I'd suggest using the penguins as also for a quick increase every week, because that's a great way to build up leading to a high number of XP in as long as it will take for 99 Runecrafting. Additionally, when free trade comes back , we'll likely see the increasing of Air Law, Air and Double nature resuming which is a preferable method, to simply sit at the buy RS gold altar throughout the day and let others be the source of essence to you.