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I train slayer but I forget which animal

  • Do the same with the remaining three brothers the same way you did Dharok in whatever order you want. What to do when you enter the tunnels: Depending on the brother you will encounter through the RuneScape gold tunnels, set your prayers for quick and correct protection. When he appears, do not feel panicked (you'll get through the first couple hits) You can quickly pray in the prayer bowl and start praying fast. Finish him.

    The thing that is going to consume most of your food is the tunnels, so know the map and make it to the chest as fast as you can. Once you have completed the challenge, if aren't a speedy player, take one step back from it, and strike the monster attacking you with an ice spell, and you'll get 10/15 seconds to complete the task.

    I've got 62 Slayer right now, trying to earn 85 Slayers for Abyssal Demons. I can't get on right now, and I want their stats while I have this free time in school to plan a set of gear, etc. I'm looking for Abyssal Demons.

    What a cool question that is that is of interest to me too. I use the low-alch explorer ring - but thats just because its free xp and limited to 30 per day. I use the nats that I get to superheat ore. I get nats in drops as im fighting different monsters. not a priority with me to get runes,its up to luck for me. But I know there's an array of monsters listed and drop stats if you'd like to take on a pile of nats?

    I train slayer but I forget which animal had the most effective natural drops. . I'm aware that roaches will drop Nats, but unless you fight the most, relying upon this for production of nats isn't a good idea. Plus, the prices are incredibly affordable for items right now and runes are cheap to buy if you have the gp to build an enormous stack.

    I've only played since 08 and i believe that there is a significant drop in the way i have seen prices drop. In the past , I sold runes,but now i am burning them since it's not a huge loss of money using the runes I have. As of now, anyway. However, things change... and i really look forward to this latest dumb update to be discovered within our world. In buy RS gold the meantime, i'm off to knock some gold loose from the monster's butt.