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It is an incredible city and I've always believed


    However, 99 Prayer would be my choice if I had the choice. Simply because I didn't RuneScape gold think I would ever be able to pay for it as an absolute novice in 2006-2007. 99 Attack was nice too the first time I fought 99.

    My only accomplishments that I am proud of are those that relate to PvP, either single or clan-based playing. I would like to believe that I was a competent F2P PKer pre-EoC, and I was really happy when my first gallery hit 100plus kills. I posted between 400-500 kills on Sal. These kills were distributed across 3 to 4 galleries as well as a myriad of smaller subjects. A few of my former PvP section friends referred to me as Sal’s #1 F2P PKer, and the King in the PvP (this is the reason why I love my RuneScape King & Witch King titles lol). I dunno, I have never thought I accomplished anything amazing but having people complimenting my kill achievements is something I take a little pride in I guess.

    In a Sal's Clan Section Topic about the perfect clan, I was chosen to be a part of several clan section user lists. This was something I was very proud to do because I was a level 105 combat player at the time.

    And when I was complimented during a 3xtermination against Silverdawn and a clan XshinobizX led (who was later a member and ultimately became the leader of DF) for my tanking skills. According to some members, whenever XshinobizX called a "pile" against me, he'd always be angry about the fact that no binds were hitting me, and how long it was to kill him. It's a shame that this subject is not being discussed any more. It was the first war in which I felt that I had made any difference. We lost but it's okay. Was a pretty weird war, I remember it was supposed to be some sort of tank-testing war or training for all the clans that were involved. We didn't fight at GDZ however, we fought within the Chaos Dwarves region instead.

    I think I did a decent job in a war against UBH. However, I am pretty sure that I was not the sole person being praised for my performance in the UBH war (I believe?).

    Plague's End was a project I recently finished. Prifddinas was unlocked and I've been exploring the city. Over the last couple of days, I've done chores to the Elven clans.

    It is an incredible city and I've always believed it was overrated. But, I can see why people are so enthralled by it. I've always preferred dark places/cities like Edgeville, Draynor and The Wilderness to my liking so it is unusual for me not to love a place so civilized and jolly.

    As everyone is aware, the most important part of Prifddinas and the Elven society is the clan system. There are eight distinct clans, each with their own territory within the city. Which clan do you prefer? We'll also discuss clan leaders, as you can enjoy a leader but not have any particular interest.

    I have always liked the character of Iorwerth. This is mainly due to the fact that the Dark Lord, prior to the release of the Elven questline's final quests was thought to be Zamorak. I have no way to prove it, but buy OSRS gold I believe that at one time certain NPCs stated that the Iorwerth to be Zamorakians who rebelled to the crystal Goddess led Elven society. I have always sympathized with Lord Iorwerth and his elves because of that.