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In the long term, the repair is going to run


    If I had to choose between Dragon Dagger & Dragon Scimitar to use as an runescape buy gold offhand weapon. How can I tell which one to pick? The reason I am asking is that, after having looked at Runescape Wiki, it says that both Dagger & Scimitar have exactly the same damage (576) and accuracy (1132). This leaves choosing which you prefer the appearance of or else? I have noticed that Dagger is more expensive. Dagger is actually a lot less expensive but I was wondering why you would choose the Dagger over the Scimitar. Scimitar.

    I'm sure that I've answered a lot of questions, but I'm back again! I've just levelled to 70 defence; basically, my plan is to bring the three melee skill to 70, then 75 , before taking time off. Att as well as Def are now at 70 and Str is at 65.

    At the moment, I'm at 70Def I have more options to choose from when it comes armour. In particular I'm considering changing my body armor. Right now, I'm wearing an Granite Body and in all truth, I'm not an enthusiast of it however, it does get the job done I guess. The question I'm really trying to answer is Barrows armour worth it for training? It's not my biggest wealth (currently am just 1.2m) and it seems to be a bit wasteful for me to keep on fixing it when I'm not going to make a PK or something similar.

    Are you going to stick with the Granite Body, or is there an alternative that I'm even aware of? Are you willing to invest in Verac's Brassard in particular? Barrows armor is quite good It is probably a less than granite and has pretty good Prayer bonuses (not the reason you'd require them).

    In the long term, the repair is going to run over the cost of the Bandos chestplate even if only ever make use of Barrows and it lasts very long when you don't engage in much combat. As a training tool, it's pretty good, and fifteen hours of training is a good amount of time. The best option is if you cannot afford Bandos now, considering the first 1 mil, followed by another 1 mil every fifteen hours is a decent cost.

    A little bit of study indicates that a body on its own is 270k in repair costs at Bob. Which should yield an idea of the price on Bandos Chestplate, 16 mil? I dunno exactly how to calculate how many repairs you'd use (mostly due to the fact that I'm not getting well this morning) until you're 270000 (or less If you're using POH armor stand) But it is a lot of lives. This bolded sentence is to avoid my delusional ramblings Make sure you invest in Barrows.

    I currently have seven RS Member Accounts I received as a present from a different forum. I'm considering to give them away, but do I have permission to offer giveaways of RS accounts? If yes, which runescape money buy board can I do it? I think it depends on what you're planning to accomplish.