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It costs 90,000 every 15 hours. This is less


    Dragon Defender over DFS due to of bonuses atk. Since ur low on cash expl ring buy runescape gold zerker as the pray bonus reduces the amount of ppots utilized.. Also, the emergency teles, free run, and the ability to switch crap that you receive is very impressive.

    If you're like me and prefer to grind melee: Torags platebody, Torags legs. These two items together cost 800k-1m.. It will go to 0 within 15 hours.. Together cost 170k iirc.. Imagine that you're buying Dplate.. D plate cost about 9m? Torags offer 2x more defence (Iirc it's the most effective defense armour available in the game).. What's the best part? Its frikkin ' sexy!

    If you spend 9m to repair torags use them both for an total of 843.75 hours. (more than enuff time to get to the max of melee and max slayer). )... It's the best shizzle ur gonna get.. It costs less if you employ an armour station in ur house. It's not hard to see why not to make use of them.

    If you don't care about fashion, then you (are an ugly homo) have the option of purchasing Veracs skirt that matches torags body.. Same def bonus as torags legs, albeit more expensive , and also has a prayer benefits, so you can make use of it for slaying for those who don't wish to pray prayers to protect yourself. Dfs are only good to tank bosses and in battles, as drag def is much better due to its epic atk bonuses.

    The same principle applies to platelegs. The only difference is that Dragon platelegs tend to be more affordable. The question is, how much will it cost to fix it (convenience of repair isn't a concern since there are NPCs within Lumbridge, Khazard, Burthorpe Void Knight Outpost and you could repair it at your home)?

    It costs 90,000 every 15 hours. This is less if you're working in your house and you actually possess a medium level of smithing (50 is an example that will make it cost ~70k). Let's add up to 100k, just as we're rounding down the price of Torag's to 300k and not 340k. The sum of 86*15 is 1,290. That's how many hours you'd need be fighting the thing (not wear it) before you'd spend nearly as much on it you would for a dragon's platebody.

    As a reference point, 200 hours would be a long time for gaining a skill level to 99. It gets worse in combat. This isn't only a matter of wearing it. It doesn't change the stats slowly. They're great, and they stop when it goes between 25% and 0%. It is difficult to understand why one would shell out more money to purchase a subpar piece of armour solely because you have rs 3 gold to spend tiny sums of money every 15 minutes of battle. The reason why dragon plates are pricey has nothing to directly relate to their use: it's simply because they're hard to come by.