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The shield slot is likely to involve an illuminated

  • 15 minutes if you already have tokens and are insanely lucky. It's more likely that runescape gold you're considering a couple hours, but probably more. Priest In Peril, Lost Tribe, ANimal Magnetism, Wolf Whistle are all super short and will probably take less than an hour each. Ghost's ahoy along with Fremmenik Trials are a bit longer, but neither are very long.

    Gear for training and Slaying should be identical and varies depending on what you're fighting. Castle Wars probably doesn't matter too much, it's the best atk reward for any style you decide to choose. Chances are though you'll still in the same position as cannon fodder the 138s, if they choose to play. I'm 115 combat , and the best me is slow the hardcore players down for a couple of seconds.

    Soul wars, doesn't matter anyhow. It's possible to use a range weapon to maintain activity, but in the overcrowded planet, it isn't a matter of what you do so long as you hit the same thing every few minutes. The barracers the chinners and 138s sporting 99 slay that rule the day. Personally, I'd rather ignore soul wars completely. Barrows have a guide to read. Figure out your method and then adjust your equipment to meet the guidelines it suggests.

    If you can get a Tokkul-Zo, do that instead of the archer's ring: it is a part of the oldest Kiln quest. It has +4 in all combat stats except praying and strength making it more powerful than an archer's ring.

    A ring amulet is probably a better product to purchase over a fury. It is more effective in defending against attacks with a range bonus , however it defends somewhat less well and has an absence of a prayer benefit.

    There's no need for a robin hood hat and an archer's helm. simple stats checks the archer helm offers better defense, while the robin hat provides more defensive range. It's your choice, the differences are small. Robins are great as a fashion accessory and can be changed to a different colour to earn loyalty points in Xuan in burthorpe and Varrock, but.

    If you don't already have them, then you should purchase a pair of barrow's gloves. They're very strong in the glove slot and extremely helpful as a result. It is also recommended to purchase a pair of ranging boots You should purchase snakeskin since ranger boots (12M) do not fall within your budget.

    The shield slot is likely to involve an illuminated god book. Zamorak's book will cost an unholy 22M an even better alternative is armadyl's book of law at 1.7M that's just two less ranged offenses, however it has defensive abilities and once you've illuminated it, you'll be rewarded with a large prayer bonus.

    Your cape should be ava's unless you're doing something that will not be useful, like shooting ogres within a cage. In that case you should wear your most elegant ardougne cloak or a different one that comes with buy osrs items offensive or pray bonuses. Dragonhide red, of course is not recommended unless you wish to become empty. I hope this can help!