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The compact mid-range formation in FIFA 22: 4-3-1-2

  • The players you have and the way you want to play on the court will largely determine the best formation for FUT in FIFA 22. The effects of each formation are different. Today I will introduce the FUT 4-3-1-2 formation.

    The 4-3-1-2 formation is a compact center formation. It can Buy FUT 22 Coins use your full-backs to provide width in the offensive and defensive areas, allowing you to play possession-based games. This formation is very effective against formations like 4-4-2 because it can submerge the midfield very effectively, but it needs to rely on full-backs who can shuttle on the court and stay energetic at all times.

    However, this formation has a big disadvantage. When the long ball enters the tunnel, you will be completely exposed, especially when facing fast-paced players in a wide area. However, they need to arrange two forwards and a CAM to help them in the frontcourt. As the saying goes, "offence is the best defence", you can continue to put pressure on the opponents in the last third to push them to the wrong side. Effective operation.

    If you want a stronger attack, then you can try the 4-3-2-1 formation, which can keep FIFA 22 Coins your forward on the court and instruct your CAM to run backwards when in possession of the ball. Or you can choose a 4-3-3 Attack formation that provides you with more width, so that your players are evenly distributed on the three-point line of the two offenses.

    Of course, if you can set up these formations well, you can make up for the lack of defensive stability. Of course, if you choose these formations, the goal may be to make your score surpass your opponent.

    A good formation can give players a certain advantage in the game, but if there are no suitable players to execute these formations, it is equivalent to talking on paper. So you need to get some players that suit your formation in the game, but this will cost a lot of FIFA 22 Coins. If you are short of FIFA 22 Coins, UTnice may be a good choice for you. A large number of preferential FIFA 22 Coins are being sold there. The transaction process is safe and reliable, and you can trust it!