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EA launches FIFA 22 "preview packs" in order to circumvent regu

  • This year’s FIFA 22 Ultimate Team’s game content will continue to be sold through loot boxes, and Electronic Arts stated that the "preview packs" launched in FUT 21 earlier this year will continue to be implemented. Before players invest money, let them see what they are going to buy.

    However, loot critics and legislators have brought a lot of negative effects on the FUT package: the Netherlands hit EA with a €10 million ($11.7 million) fine for refusing to comply with a 2018 ruling that the packs were Buy FUT 22 Coins in violation of the country's gambling laws.

    However, these packs have brought a lot of benefits to EA. According to the company’s Q3 FY21 report, in the past ten years, the compound annual growth rate of FIFA live broadcast services has approached 50%; in EA’s fiscal year 2020, Ultimate Team Games (including NFL and NHL, but primarily FIFA)’s "extra content sales" net income is close to $1.5 billion. So that's why it doesn't want to endanger the earner.

    In addition, in order to circumvent regulation and calm down commenters, EA has made efforts to reveal the drop rate and make it easier to track how much time and money players spend on the game. In June 2021, EA took this effort one step further, launching "preview packs" that players can open before purchasing. Although the items inside are still random, everything inside will be presented to the player, so the player will not be forced to spend money on things they don't want.

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