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The anticipated WoW TBC Brewfest is coming

  • The most anticipated Octoberfest themed holiday of World of Warcraf is back again. WoW TBC Brewfest has been added to the classic server for the first time, which allows players to enjoy the slutty happiness in it. If you want to buy some equipment and other novelties, you will need to earn breakfast tokens throughout the event. At the same time, you can also get rich Direbrew collections, for example, you only need to perform Corin Direbrew every day.

    During the opening of the Brewfest event, you can reach any major city of the faction, and according to your faction, take you to Ironforge or Orgrimmar to accept the quest. Or you can go directly to the quest center outside the walls of Ironforge or Orgrimmar to collect the quest ‘Welcome to Brewfest’. The quest can help you receive daily tasks, and at the same time help you visit the most important Corin Direbrew to get sweet purple pixels, so it is very important.

    It is worth noting that the Brewfest Enthusiast buff is also back again. If you want to get a two-hour experience gain, then you need to wait at the Brewfest hubs at 6 am and 6 pm server time.

    The opportunity for players to experience interesting daily quests and obtain daily Corin Direbrew quests is WOW TBC Classic Gold the core of the WoW TBC Brewfest event. A unique vent currency Beefest tokens will be available after you complete Brewfest dailies, which allows you to purchase new items. At the same time you can get items like beer goggles and clothes, which you can wear and play with other players.

    In addition, if you want to receive unique drinks every month, then you can subscribe to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold the Brew of the Month Club, and you will find it in your inbox every month thereafter. At the same time, you can also get the annual retro beer mug award.

    Do you want to enjoy the WoW TBC Brewfest event? So if you have a high enough level to complete those interesting quests, it will be very easy, instead of repeatedly challenging the same quest. Then you can pay attention to MMOWTS, you can quickly upgrade your level by purchasing WOW TBC Classic Gold, and then you can have fun to challenge those interesting quests.