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In New World, which type of weapon can be better matched with B

  • In New World, all the Ranged and Magic have a longer attack range than most melee options, but they have a slower attack speed. So they are not better or worse than melee weapons, but they can complement each other. Today, I will introduce you how to use Bow and the weapons it matches.

    Skirmisher and Hunter are Bow’s two trees. Hunter mainly uses precision attacks to cause New World Gold high damage. Skirmisher mainly focuses on practical and AoE skills, resulting in a good range of damage.

    This weapon is very useful in PvE and PvP due to its extremely high burst damage. Under normal circumstances, it can cause damage to the enemy before they reach their attack range, so that they can be caught off guard.

    The three skill forms Rapid Shot, Penetrating Shot and Poison Shot are more suitable for Leveling. Because they can cause high damage output. If you want a little AoE or want to join PvP, then you can choose to replace New World Coins Rapid Shot with Rain of Arrows, which is a good choice.

    Because Bow's Dexterity is very low, it will complement each other with weapons such as the Spear and Rapier. At the same time, pairing with Sword and Shield or Hatchet can not only provide a lot of Utility, but also get some damage from Dexterity. .

    Because Bow's Dexterity is very low, it needs to be matched with some melee weapons. However, the damage benefits of ordinary melee weapons are still very low. Many players will accumulate New World Coins to obtain them. In order to save time, most people will choose to buy directly from Newworldcoins because they can be purchased there with the least cost. The most New World Coins, and the transaction process is very safe.