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Hypermotion technology is a new breakthrough in FIFA 22

  • FIFA developers need to obtain a lot of data in order to make the game experience as realistic as possible. Imagine how much detail is needed to get a player to do something as simple as trying to get close to the ball in the game. So they use Hypermotion to Cheap FUT 22 Coins extract data, so that the final result is one of the animation systems we will see.

    The inability to truly capture the feeling of the game makes sports video games seem to have reached the limit in terms of simulation for a long time. But now the use of Hypermotion technology may enable them to reach a new breakthrough.

    Rivera said: "If you know the application in FIFA, you will know that we have known how to implement it five years ago by letting 22 players compete with each other, putting the data into the neural network and creating animations in real time. This job has been done five years ago. In addition, I am very excited about many things that follow. Although I can't talk about many FUT 22 Coins details, the factors are still worth looking forward to."

    With the development of technology, video games will become more and more perfect. Perhaps using Hypermotion as its catalyst, the idea of ​​three players making exactly the same animation at the same time may disappear someday in the future.

    Compared with FIFA of previous years, this year's FIFA 22 has made great breakthroughs in both players and technology. Therefore, more and more players are attracted to start playing this game, which makes it more difficult to win the game. So do you want to make it easier to win in FIFA 22? Then you can pay attention to UTnice, where there are preferential FIFA 22 Coins, you can buy a large number of high-scoring player cards, so as to make the team stronger and easier to win the game.