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In FIFA 22, EA made a huge breakthrough for the production of r

  • In order to facilitate understanding of how players approach the ball and create real-time animations, training some deep neural networks is an important part of EA's data.

    In most cases, when you are watching a football game, you may see a pass bouncing four meters ahead, and you are running towards it.

    So how do you ensure that you hit the ball at the right rhythm at the right time and at the right speed at the right time? This is also a problem during production. So, as a right-footed goalkeeper, you just need to do three steps if you want to Buy FUT 22 Coins hit the ball with your right foot like a volley. Then in order to show the power of the shot, you need to take a longer step between the correct shots.

    Then if you want to do other things, for example, by using your left foot to control the angle of the shot. There is no need for strong feet or a strong lens. You will need other types of steps to reposition your way to hit the ball. Maybe you will do two long steps and one small step instead of three small steps and one long step. So EA created a neural network to learn how players approach the ball in real life. This kind of thing that does not come through simple coding is what they have wanted for so many years.

    Compared with FIFA of previous years, this year's FIFA 22 has made great breakthroughs in both players and technology. Therefore, more and more players are attracted to start playing this game, which makes it more difficult to win the game. So do you want to make it easier to win in FIFA 22? Then you can pay attention to UTnice, where there are preferential FIFA 22 Coins, you can buy a large number of high-scoring player cards, so as to make the team stronger and easier to win the game.